Surfin Manchild EP

by The Target Audience

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Recorded at Dungeon Soundworks and produced/engineered/mixed by Jast Collum

We feel this EP is our best material to date and we would like to thank bunch of people from the Long Island Music Scene for the support we have received and the other bands and people that inspired us in any way shape or form

Big Thank You to- Maxwell Peters, Carbon Thief, The Loose Lips, Frankenblazer, Monkeybite, Jackie Guma, Kyle Banks, Vinny Carriero, Nick Marino, Luke De La Gonzalez, Leanna McNaughton, MJT, Colorblind, Kieran Perdie, FELIX, Dr. Mario, The Hawaiian Punch Mascot, Ferris Bueller, Kevin Preller, Radio Daze, InCircles, Nick Danger Chambers, Monkeyman and Finally Thank You to Agent Orange for making us start a punk band to begin with

*Rip- Justins Afro- 1869-2016

Long Live Hawaiian Punch


released June 6, 2016

Frank Ragone- Guitar and Vocals
Justin Bartoldus- Drums and Backing Vocals
Devon Lambert- Bass and Backing Vocals
Jast Collum- Engineer/Producer
Logan Vandiver- Album Art



all rights reserved


The Target Audience East Moriches, New York

This Ep holds a tastefull swirl of Surf Rock,Rockabilly, Thrash Metal and good old fashioned Punk Rock inspired by bands like Dead Kennedys,Agent Orange,Screeching Weasel and The Ramones. Sit Down Relax and Spread Anarchy!

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Track Name: Surfin Manchild
I'm a surfin manchild I got nothing to do
I'm a surfin manchild I wanna sniff some glue
I'm a surfin manchild I got nothing to say
i'm a surfin manchild I ride the waves all day

(Chorus) Hey
Track Name: Prideful Donnie
Donnie Donnie Donnie Prideful Donnie


My name is donald trump I'm here to take the cake
Soon i'll be the ruler of the empire state
Watch out little marco and lying ted
If you don't vote for me it'll be off with your head


Donnie Donnie Donnie Prideful Donnie
Track Name: Sandman
I made a lot of movies but most of them suck
The only good one has dogs humping ducks
Go to baby moon its my favorite place
Now they call me sandman to my face


Now they call me sandman so fuck the human race
That brand new cowboy movie was just a big disgrace
I can't control my anger I can't control my mind
The only way for me to calm myself down is to drink 3 bottles of wine


I use to be on top I use to be number one
Now everybody's got me under the gun
Now I'm just a washed up sweaty old man
And my number one fan is the reptile man


Im just a great big manchild in this filthy place
I hear my next big movie will be in outer space
I can't control my anger I can't control my mind
The only way for me to calm myself down is to drink 3 bottles of wine.
Track Name: Ketchup For Your Fries
When we go out to eat theres only one place we can go
blasting music through the streets and everybody's shouting OAO
See that McDonalds sign and I take a look inside
The only thing i see in there is they don't got no pesticide


And as i rolled up to the screen
And Justin got his number 3
The man then said and with a sigh
Would you like some ketchup for your fries?