The Target Audience EP

by The Target Audience

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released November 23, 2015

Frank Ragone- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Devon Lambert- Bass/Backing Vocals
Justin Bartoldus-Drums/Backing Vocals/ Noises



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The Target Audience East Moriches, New York

This Ep holds a tastefull swirl of Surf Rock,Rockabilly, Thrash Metal and good old fashioned Punk Rock inspired by bands like Dead Kennedys,Agent Orange,Screeching Weasel and The Ramones. Sit Down Relax and Spread Anarchy!

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Track Name: Welcome to the Skatepark
Well come on down to the skate park Danny we'll have ourselves a time

We'll ride on the half pipe find our own blood type oh boy we're gonna have some fun

Well I'm glad you came to the skate park Danny we had ourselves a trip

We hit on the hip chick shit thats not lipstick oh boy we should have brought a gun

Hey (Chant)

Well you ditched our trip to the skate park Danny you're a toxic little prick

Selling shoes to rich kids doing all that shit smashing windows with a brick

Well now your banned from the skate park Danny I hope you've had your fun

No more riding on the half pipe won't find our own blood type you skating son of a gun

Hey (Chant)
Track Name: Matt the Frog (10:59)
Matt The

Matt The

When you're craving food at late at night go down to Matt The Frog

Knocking Down at Matt The Frogs door we see his poodle dog

Hello Matt Ill have a number 3 please as he giggles with delight

The only thing about Matt The Frogs house theres no staying overnight


10:59 is the time he wants you out

10:59 then Matt starts to shout

10:59 we're never getting out

10:59 is the time he wants you out


Well now that you know about Matt The Frog I advise you better watch out

He's a mean little dude with a temper burning hot and he likes to scream and shout

He looks you in the eyes everything around you dies and time is running out

So fuck you Matt The Frog because we're never getting out


(Matt The Frog Chant)
Track Name: Miserdoom
Im Duke Nukem and Im coming to kick YOUR ASS
Track Name: Subway
Went down to subway my friends and me

Saw the shadiest guy we ever did see

Do you have fried chicken is what we say

He says chicken parmesan is the only way

Then the next day I got sick

Because the subway guy is a pretty big dick

Chicken Parmesan is all he say

Chicken Parmesan is the only way
Track Name: Ferris Bueller
I am Ferris Bueller and I skip lots of school

(Im Cool)

Throw on my Nike SB's and my leopard vest

(The Best)


Fuck you Mr. Rooney

You can't catch me now

Im in a Ferrari now

I am Ferris Bueller and I skip lots of school

(Im Cool)

Pick up my girlfriend from school in my hot new ride

(Hop Inside)

Track Name: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Cover)
Now I wanna Sniff Some Glue

Now I wanna have something to do

All the kids wanna sniff some glue

All the kids want something to do